Order Now For Passover

Wednesday April 17th is the deadline For Orlando & Miami orders

Local delivery or pickup deadline is Sunday April 21st

Welcome to passover 2024 !!!

We are excited to announce that we will be delivering to Orlando & Miami this year.

We are under the kashrut of Tarnipol Kashrus & KCL of Lakewood

All Passover Products are Non Gebrokts and Kitniyot Free.

The fee for shipping is

  • First box $25,
  • Second box $15 Added
  • Third Box Free!

Each of our boxes fits up to 8 Pints, So for example if the customer orders 24 pints the Shipping fee would $40 total. and so on.  All customers that make an Orlando order will receive a message the week before Passover with details of Shipping & Pickup. 

Orlando deliveries will arrive at each location pickup spot on Sunday April 21st. We anticipate the drop-off will be made earlier in the day and will give the customer a more accurate time on that day. You will be expected to pickup your orders within the hour as we do not have freezers available at the pickup location.

 Each box will have an order number as well as the customers name so you will have an easy time finding your order.

How to Place your order:

We will have pickup locations in

Orlando - Encore

Orlando - Champions Gate

Orlando - Solterra

Orlando - Solara

Miami - one pickup location

Lakewood -at our store 12 America ave

possibly other locations as well

Home delivery will be available in

Lakewood - Jackson - Toms River - Deal

After choosing your pints go thru the checkout.

Once you get to Inputing your address use your Florida address that you will be staying and it will give you the option to pick your pickup location.

For Local delivery we will be delivering Sunday April 21st & Monday April 22nd.

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